Corporate Communications:

Justin’s corporate work (as a creative director and writer) includes writing proposals, events, plays, games, agendas, scripts, themes, and films for corporations and conferences. His corporate clients have included Deloitte, Pfizer, Discovery Channel, American Express, and BAE Systems.

Creative Director (Proposal and Event)- Served as sole Creative Director for Deloitte’s Breakthrough Leadership Program Alumni Event in Hollywood, Florida
• Conceived of “Hollywood” motif and “Breakthrough to the Future” theme and all correlative features and components
• Wrote and helped visually execute parody movie trailers that applied to Deloitte initiatives (example, “The Breakthrough Club”, using photos of Breakthrough Leaders in a Breakfast Club style trailer.)
• Created and helped execute a dozen movie posters, celebrating Deloitte content/themes/groups
• Created ScreenPlay games (like those on screen before a movie) including lookalike employees/celebrities, Deloitte trivia, fun company/staff factoids, etc.
• Wrote Academy Award style-framed show to introduce speakers and award recipients (Best performer in a “Leading” role, etc.)
• Wrote a game show parody “Are You Smarter Than a Partner?” with Deloitte messaging
• Wrote an ARS-based trivia game with Deloitte messaging
• Wrote a “talk show” for a Q&A session about a new program
• Created an interactive ice-breaker game – based on my book the Official Movie Plot Generator, where guests had to work together to combine different elements of a Deloitte story to make a blockbuster movie and title it
• Created an entertainment-style “press conference” around a Q&A session to impart information about the program’s future
• Wrote and created web-based pre-event and post-event communications

Proposal Writer -Discovery Channel Upfronts Event
• Wrote a “Joy of Discovery” proposal based around the idea of new media platforms for Discovery
• Conceived of interactive modern media sculptures demonstrating new viewing experiences (a fish scaled with cell phone screens, etc.)
• Conceived of a “technological playground”: an “Apple” Tree, Sensacell Twister, and other games promoting Discovery’s top shows (an airplane seat viewing station for their travel show, etc.)
• Wrote the proposal to be presented on an iPod

Proposal Writer, Pfizer – Indoplon drug launch
• Helped conceive creative direction and wrote portions of a “Wake Up to a New Day” proposal for a four million dollar drug launch event.
• Wrote and conceived of ideas to weave the event themes into the entire experience:
o “Wake-up” calls specifically geared to the events integrated into the hotel wake-up call service
o Sleep factoids on coffee sleeves during coffee breaks.
• Wrote improv games/sketches related to the theme
• Helped write opening video; ideas for other video presentations and games

Proposal Writing– American Express Pacesetters Event in Mexico
• Wrote a proposal in the form of an Indiana Jones-style archaeologist’s journal where Mayan pictographs and artifacts were used to frame event components.
• Wrote opening video (Indiana Jones spoof using Amex Leadership)

• Brainstormed for themes, radio spots, and visual campaigns for AmeriCorps program
• Collaborated with creative directors on theme-generation and event proposals for various clients

Awards, smaller shows, etc.
• Wrote trivia games for BAE Systems Awards event
• Wrote award tribute videos and speeches for Pfizer sales reps

• Wrote radio spots introducing a number of new station formats
• Wrote and directed a series of comedic webisodes to advertise the Loaded Questions board game

Samples, links to come.